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TrustInMusicRec. 02: Scary - “Jam”(N:phect Rmx) / “Alpha”
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audiomassive - giant warrior / mayday
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“giant warrior”

„What is this?“, someone askes. “A Giant Warrior…” and it will take over control over your legs in the very moment it appears. It will flush you like a huge wave till the beach, there is no way of going backwards. A strong bassline pushes you over a smart broken rhythm, short brakes will help you to breathe until the joyride continues…


A catchy tune hijacks you into a fairytale leading to a point where it takes turn with a tautening energetic straight beat whose ever-changing melody will busy you until the outro takes place.

A Scary & Bad Matter - Giant Warrior
AA Scary - Mayday

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pp013md_cover.jpgBad Matter from Berlin comes with a fat headnodder release, which will ensure burnt dancefloors. ‘Soul on Fire’ combines original ravesounds, sinister vibes and way down pitched vocals to maximum impact. Expect finest beatswitching and sounds, which are always slightly badder than needed and definitely on point.

The second tune ‘Look’ is a clever breakage-inspired amenstomper with dubby vocal effects and a megaton of subbass. Typically Bad Matter’s breaks sound just a bit more smashing and the subbass a tad more voluminous than in other productions. Massive.

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A: soul on fire
B: look

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intr007 intr007front

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A. Bad Matter - Blood For Blood
B. Coresplittaz - System

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Bad Matter / Cycom - Jazzthing / rude boy (lxc rmx)
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“breaks, breaks, breaks. we introduce a nearly unknown and upcoming talent from berlin: bad matter aka fixed frequency, the lost soul of german jungle with his very fist vinyl release. listen to it and you will remember former droppin’ science kind-of-stuff, made of jazz breaks and tube basslines.

alphacut 001 hit the advanced dancefloors across europe one year ago, and now the mighty ‘rude bwoy’ strikes back: lxc redisigned cycom’s work into a dark metal soldier, forcing all sophisticated feet to dance.” (alphacut)


  • Bad Batter - Jazzthing
  • Cycom - Rude Bwoy (LXC Rmx)
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